Public awareness, Preparedness, Participation and Coordination for Civil Protection for All

(Subsidy Contract No: A2-1.4-1)


Minutes of Project Meeting (draft)


Meeting title Project Kick-off Meeting
Meeting date(s) 24 – 25 of July 2018
Meeting location Essence Living Hotel (

Egnatia 40, Nea Zoi, 45500 Ioannina

Document version1 F (08.08.2018)
Date of approval 13.08.2018
Distribution LB1, PB2, PB3, PB4, PB5 and PB6


The Kick-off meeting of the project “Public awareness, Preparedness, Participation and Coordination for Civil Protection for All” (Subsidy Contract No: A2-1.4-1; Acronym: 4PLUS) was called by Mr. Alexandros Mourouzis, on 03.07.2018, on behalf of the Lead Beneficiary (LB1), i.e., the National Confederation of Disabled People, Greece. On 16.07.2018, after the meeting dates and location were confirmed with all partners, Mrs. Lina Kefalourou, Project Manager of the 4PLUS project, sent out to all partners the official invitation (see Annex 1) along with the draft agenda of the meeting.

The Kick-off Meeting of the 4PLUS project was held at the Essence Living Hotel, in Ioannina, on the 24th and 25th of July 2018.

The meeting was presided by Mrs. Lina Kefalourou and Mr. Alexandros Mourouzis, on behalf of the LB1. According to the participants the Kick-off meeting was useful and successful, all partners gained clearer picture of their responsibilities in the project.

DAY 1: TUESDAY, JULY 24th, 2018

The meeting started on Tuesday, 24th of July 2018 (1st day) with the “Opening Session”, followed by the first part of the “Coordination Group Meeting”.

Conclusions / Decisions

This first session was informative. The were no decisions taken.

DAY 2: WEDNESDAY, JULY 25th, 2018

The second day of the meeting, Wednesday, 25th of July 2018, starting with the remaining items of the agenda for the Coordination Group, and finished with the PMC session.

Conclusions / Decisions

  • All partners shall conclude the set-up of their local project teams (PM/FM/CP) and notify the Project Coordinator by email. Reporting on the activities of the local staff (filling-in timesheets) should take place according to the programme guidelines.
  • All partners shall prepare and launch their procurements as planned in their approved Procurement Plans (especially, those that are critical for the smooth initiation and coordination of the project, e.g., management).
  • Each PB will be responsible for the preparation of all the necessary data related to their activities in the project whenever needed as well as for drafting their own project reports.
  • PB2 to recruit the project Communication Manager (CM) asap.
  • Given that the Closing Conference is one of the four mandatory I& P outputs for all projects, this will be organised by the LB1, instead of PB4. The Opening Conference of the Project shall be organised by PB4 in Korce. The exact time and location shall be proposed by PB4 in due time (approx. around Dec 2018 and January 2019). PB4 shall start preparations for the Opening Conference asap.
  • Any information, media appearance, or other publicity activity of the project must be communicated to the JS for potential information and publicity activities (through the CM/PM).
  • At the end of the session it was decided that every 2-3 weeks (running from the 1st of September 2018), there will be a Skype meeting among all partners’ representatives, to discuss technical progress and questions appearing meanwhile.
  • Regarding D2.x.5, the partners LB1, PB2 and PB3 need to specify the complementarity of the STAFF deliverables vs. the EXT deliverables.

Project co-funded by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries

  • The Citizen Registry (D4.3.1), must be accessible according to WCAG 2.0 (AA at least), and given that it shall hold sensitive data, and must comply with all relevant legislation, including GDPR.
  • The GIS-enabled Decision Making Platform (D4.2.2) will be connected with the Registry and the Portal (shared interfaces / databases) and must be accessible according to WCAG 2.0 (A at least).
  • The Cross-Border Information & Notification Portal (D4.1.3) must be accessible according to WCAG 2.0 (AAA).
  • The Mobile Application for Citizens and Tourists (D4.5.4), will be connected with Portal (shared interfaces / databases), shall be compatible with all main platforms (Android, iOS, etc.), and shall be accessible to persons with disabilities according to W3C/WAI standards and guidelines.
  • Each project Beneficiary will need to assign the right person(s) to attend each study visit and then this person will be responsible for passing on his/her experience and lessons learned to the rest of his/her team members as necessary.
  • PB3 offered to host on their cloud the project’s folder for sharing documents online among the partners. LB1 and PB3 shall have write & read rights, while the rest of the partners shall only have read access rights.
  • Albanian partners shall apply for national co-funding asap (if not yet).

Other notes & information

The project folder, which shall be hosted on the PB3 cloud, was demonstrated during the meeting by Mr. Alexandros Mourouzis. Until 31.08.2018m this folder is accessible online here:

Project Management Committee (PMC) session (11:15 – 13:00)

Conclusions / Decisions

In brief, the PMC members discussed and approved:

  1. The internal management system which will ensure better coordination among all PBs and will ensure operative collaboration among partners to implement the project activities and achieve the envisioned results. a. For each particular PMC meeting each PB may nominate in advance a substitute member that will officially represent the PB and will take decisions on behalf of the partner during the meeting. The official notification have to be made to the LB beforehand.
  2. A local project manager, a local financial manager and a local contact point (all can be the same person) has to be nominated by each PB.
  1. The Information and Publicity Strategy of the Project and the actions needed for its preparation and implementation. Specific materials were presented – see
  2. The establishment of sub-committees and roles, such as the Quality Control Group (QCG) and the Coordination Group (CG) (note: The CG shall consist of a Technical Coordinator (TC) and 5 Work Package Leaders (WPL) for WPs 2-6).

Project co-funded by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries

  1. The Financial Manager (FM) of the project will be Mr. Georgios Oikonomou from LB1.
  2. The Communication Manager (CM) will be assigned by PB2 (as foreseen in the SoBC).
  3. The Technical Coordinator (TC) and the Quality Manager will be assigned by the LB1.
  4. The allocation of WP Leaders as follows: a. PB4-AAM will be the leader for WP2
  5. PB2 – PED-IN will be the leader for WP3
  6. PB3 – PED DM will be the leader of WP4
  7. PB6 – URI will be the leader of WP5, and
  8. PB5 – MoK will be the leader for WP6.
  1. The allocation of Activity Leaders, as in Figure 8 below.
  2. The indicative time plan (Gantt Chart) of the project, as in Figure 9 below. All partners shall implement their activities, including those of their subcontractors accordyingly. Any expecteations to deviate from these dates shall be communicated to the Project Coordinator.


             Overview of the agreed WP and Activity leadership assignments (also available here:

Furthermore, the following were discussed and agreed:

  • The next Project Meeting shall be held in Korce, one day before or after the Opening Conference of the Project, and shall be hosted by PB5.
  • The 3rd Project Meeting shall be hosted by PB2, in Corfu, approx. in month 12 (June 2019).
  • The 4th Project Meeting shall be hosted by PB6, in Korçë, approx. in month 19-21, depending on the needs of the project.
  • Given that a website dedicated to the Project is one of the four mandatory I&P outputs for all projects, although the corresponding deliverable was removed by the JS at the negotiations, LB1 shall create and maintain a dedicated website (static, in English) with the minimum requirements. The main project information and updates shall be fed to (a) the Programme website (see 4PLUS dedicated section: – responsibility of the LB1, and (b) dedicated social media accounts (e.g., facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.) that will be created and maintained by PB4. Since 2016, the LB1 had reserved the
  • Modify in the AF, the name of the Deliverables D2.x.4; proposed name “Project information published online”.

Action items

The following table summarizes the key actions agreed for the forthcoming period, along with the deadlines set.

Other notes & information

This document (the KoM minutes) is temporarily available online here: